Blood Transfusion Center

The Macao Blood Transfusion Center (CTSM) is a department subordinate to the Health Services of the Macao Special Administrative Region Government and is the only institution providing blood and blood products in Macao. The CTSM was created in 1988, and costs are borne entirely by the Government. Blood supply is provided to all patients who need it, through local hospitals. The quality of all our blood products complies with the standards set by the Commission of Specialists Responsible for the Quality of Blood Transfusion Services under the Select Committee of Experts on Quality Assurance in Blood Transfusion Services.

The Macao Blood Transfusion Center has been working to create a quality assurance system to ensure a safe and adequate blood supply in Macao, acting in accordance with the policy of “Quality Service, Safe Blood” . In July 2003, the Blood Transfusion Center was awarded the ISO 9001: 2000 management system certificate.

In addition, laboratories associated with the Macao Blood Transfusion Center have participated in the United Kingdom and Australia Laboratory External Control Programs to ensure that CTSM laboratory techniques level.

Due to the respect of blood donors, blood donors are rendered services with all their heart and soul.
Through the dissemination and promotion of blood donation, the awareness of residents in the area of blood donation is raised to ensure blood supply in the territory.
For the benefit of the users, safe blood is provided.
They are dedicated to the promotion and implementation of the modern internationally recognized concept of blood transfusion.
They are dedicated to services that can meet international quality standards on the supply of blood products and blood transfusions.
The quality management system is applied according to ISO 9001.
Through continued reaction, discussion and learning, the species and quality of blood products and the level of blood transfusion services will be continually improved.
All workers are involved in order to achieve the objective of this Blood Transfusion Center.
Quality Charter
Possible donors can be seen within 5 minutes for registration purposes.
Complete registration processing until completion of blood donation is done within 60 minutes.
Blood donor reports from healthy donors will be issued within 21 business days.
The donor’s normal blood test reports (not the first time) can be accessed online in 7 to 10 business days.
Processing and response to suggestions and complaints from donors in 5 working days.

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