Simone eats in expensive Churriguera and the one who pays the bill is Faustão

The singer had fun in social networks telling that she took the family to eat in an expensive restaurant and was surprised by Fausto Silva

For this the singer Simone, sister of Simaria, did not wait.

The singer reported on social networks that she took her family to eat at an expensive restaurant in Sâo Paulo on Thursday (22), and ended up having lunch in the band, that’s right.

Do you know who paid the bill? Fausto Silva.

Simone found Faustão in a very expensive steakhouse in São Paulo where the presenter has been a client for years.

Debauched, Simone said she was already beginning to regret taking her mother and brother to the expensive restaurant, fearing the size of the damage she would do to the bank account by paying the bill, which would easily exceed $ 1,500.

Behold, the presenter gave her a surprise.

“I’m here in the restaurant, I came to eat. We ate, did not we? Guys, look … who paid the bill to me, you will not believe it. Guess who, guess who I give a candy! “Said Simone in the first of a series of videos accompanied by his mother and brother, Caio Mendes. “Who paid the bill, Mother?” She asks. “Fausto Silva!” Answers Mara Mendes. “She was was afraid of the stab of what was going to come from here. ‘My goodness, it is now. Oh my God, where do I get the money? I sat down in a restaurant that has Fausto Silva! “, Mocked Simone’s brother.

“Fausto, thank you, I’m even embarrassed … but I found it very chic.” “Thank you, you see?” “We’re together!” Said the famous woman, amused at having eaten at the expensive restaurant.

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